Enjoy Clothing Optional Opportunities
On the Fabulous Mayan Riviera

Some Tulum Nude resorts are 5-star resort
while others are as back to nature as you can get.

Resorts Overview
Travel Alert from U.S. State Department about Mexico The alerts concern primarily the border areas between the U.S. and Mexico. Alerts do not include Cancun, Cozumul, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo or similar tourism centers. The primary concerns are on the border of Mexico along the state lines of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and southern California. See more from the U.S. State Department concerning Mexico.

We've been to all the resorts and villas described below and can advise you accordingly.

In addition, several other nude friendly resorts with more amenities in the Cancun area are already included in the Castaways website. See specific web pages for: Hidden Beach Resort, Dolce Vita B& B (near Tulum) and Desire Resort for three other nude or adults only options.

Nude sunbathing including resort or villa stays near Tulum, Mexico on the Yucatan peninsula are possible in a few areas that stretch from the Akumal resort zone to the beaches around the Tulum archeological site. And then southward to the ecological zone near Tulum town, there are numerous small, simple beachside resorts located on the road leading from Tulum to the entrance to Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve eco park. The local area described here is located about 1.3 to 1.5 hours south of the Cancun International Airport.

Historically, beaches in the Tulum area have been known for years for their informality and nudity but encroachment by new building, villas and resorts have begun to limit nude beach use in the area.

For nude friendly accommodations, your choices boil down to basically: 1) Renting a private villa with pool and beach access or 2) Staying at a couple of small, simple resorts that invite clothing optional beaching and recreation near Tulum.

Although it may be possible to drop your drawers in many spots in the Tulum area and get away with it, you run the risk of complaints from local residents or from other guests at villas or resorts nearby. Two properties in the Tulum eco zone that are located adjacent to those beaches are Cabanas Copal and Azulik Resorts. Here's what the resorts report on the website

"Regarding the clothing optional policy.. nudism is prohibited in Mexico's Federal Zones, including the beaches. The practice of nudism in the beach may cause inconveniences with the authorities, even though many of the beaches in Tulum are clothing optional." The facts, the resorts and websites are subject to change without notice...the status of beach use and the resorts are NOT guaranteed and we make no warranty or guarantee about them.

Traditionally for years, the eco zone near Tulum has been used for clothing optional beaches although it's not technically legal. You do so at your own risk.

These two simple resorts are properties near the beaches in the area that historically has been used for clothing optional sunbathing and body surfing, although depending on the most recent storms, the beach can be more or less. Neither property is a nudist resort so don't go expecting to drop your drawers just anywhere. The status of the small resorts in the area is a changing scene so make sure you check out the usage/non-usage of local beaches for nude use.

ALERT: Cabanas Copal & Azulik may be in transition as it's been reported the property has been taken over by Papaya Playa, located next door (to the north) of Cabanas Copal. Here is a report from a retired American couple who live there in a villa near Tulum. Be sure you check out the those two properties or contact them directly for the latest information if you plan to stay there. Castaways Travel does not represent either of the resorts.

2012 Report from a recent visitor:
Copal is open but has shrunk and lost its beach. The new owners of Papaya Playa took over the majority of Copal's property and they are emphasizing that they are not clothing optional. There are still nudes on the old Copal beach but not sure how long that will last. DB, Tulum-Soliman Bay, January 2012

Many beachside villas from Akumal to Tulum are available for rent usually on a weekly basis (especially during high season…winter time) but plan to limit your nudity to the villa itself and its private pool. If the villa is somewhat secluded, you may enjoy beach nudity but check it out first and you do so at your own risk. From Cancun to the Riviera Maya and on to Akumal, most commercial development on the beaches has been for hotels and resorts. From Akumal south to Tulum, most development has been for villas, smaller hotels and a few large resorts. Most rental villas are located near Akumal to the south, then on several secluded beach areas including Soliman and Tankah Bays.

Getting There
  By Air: The Cancun-Tulum area is a world-class vacation destination, served by many airlines from North America, South America and Europe. Both scheduled air carriers and charter flights fly into Cancun International Airport (CUN) with frequent service from just about anywhere in the world.

By land: Taxis and shuttles are available outside the arrival terminals and rental cars are plentiful at the Cancun airport. Tulum also has rental cars available locally. An alternative is to rent a car for a couple of days while you're in the area to see the local sites and perhaps visit Playa del Carmen or Tulum town itself.

A super highway Mexico # 307 runs most of the length of the Yucatan Peninsula from north of Cancun down to Tulum and from there on to Chetumal, Mexico, near the Belize border. This super highway between Cancun and Tulum is built similarly to most divided freeways you will find in developed countries such as in North America and Europe. A rental car is an option if you have the itch to go exploring on your on since the highways are so well developed.

By car: From the Cancun airport, head due south on Mexico highway # 307 to Tulum, a trip of about 1.5 hours. Turn left at the light near Tulum at the road to the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve until it dead ends (about a mile). The Azul Blue family resort should be directly in front of you at the stop sign. Turn right at the stop sign and drive south about a quarter mile to the entrance to the resorts located on the left side of the road.

By airport shuttle van: A shuttle from the Cancun airport is an inexpensive way to reach Tulum. A nice treat is that a transfer company can provide you with a private car or limo to the resort to start your vacation in luxury and comfort. Castaways Travel can make the arrangements for you.

By bus: You may also use bus service and collectivos (shuttle vans) available on the main road, Mexico highway # 307. Just flag them down and tell them where you want to go. Most of the collectivos travel point to point up and down highway # 307 and are inexpensive.

Both Copal and Azulik resorts are 1.5 hours south of the Cancun airport on the beach a few minutes from Tulum. Another popular tourist area, Playa del Carmen, is just about 40-45 minutes north---so you're secluded but close to nightlife and shopping.

Some scheduled Airlines and charters arriving at Cancun Intl. Airport include the following (subject to change and seasonality):

Air Canada
Alaska Air
American Airlines
Cubana de Aviacion
Lan Chile
United Airlines
U.S. Air
USA 3000

The list above is not completely inclusive of all air service to Cancun and is subject to change without notice.

Castaways Travel can assist you with travel packages that include airfare, accommodations, rental cars, airport transfers and other guest services.

  Both Copal and Azulik resorts lie side by side overlooking the beach from a bluff in the eco zone near Tulum and include very simple, basic accommodations. When we were first there several years ago, sand floors greeted guests. Now, both resorts include thatched roof cabanas with concrete or hardwood floors so you won't have to worry about tracking sand in bed with you unless you forget to wipe your feet upon entering.

Copal accepts adults and families while Azulik is for adults only but neither should be considered a nudist resort.

The Cabanas at Copal are powered by electricity for most of the day and evening but electrical service is unavailable from about 11 PM to 6 AM daily. Azulik has no electricity. Neither resort is air conditioned…..except by the constant breeze from the Caribbean. There is telephone service at the Copal reception area but no phones are in the guest rooms.

Located at Copal are a reception area, bathrooms and bath facilities, holistic and meditative services, an on site restaurant and internet service. Azulik has none of these except each of the cabanas include a bedroom and private bath with unique, wooden tubs…..getting you as close to nature as you prefer. Most guests at Azulik order room service or dine next door at Copal. Guests can also dine at numerous beachside restaurants in the Tulum eco zone along the beach a mile south or in Tulum town. Many folks choose to walk but a taxi or rental car will save you time.

Other resorts worthy of mention include Maya Tulum Resort and Ana y Jose's Resort, both nice properties a mile or two south of Copal/Azulik that include more full service amenities but with limited nude use (you may be the only one on the beach nude if you so choose. Side note: The Maya Tulum Resort was voted the # 10 Best (beach) Resort in the world in 2004 by Travel & Leisure magazine. (Another resort north of Copal about a mile is El Paraiso, which arguably has one of the finest beaches in the entire Tulum area….but it's used primarily by local families so don't plan to go nude there).

NOTE: NONE of the four resort mentioned above are high rise, slick all inclusive properties. They are all thatched-roof, get away from it all, simple resorts featuring yoga, meditation and tranquility for the mind, body. These are NOT party palaces so don't go there expecting a typical hotel-zone Cancun experience.

Most villas for rent in the Tulum area are self contained and may include a cook, gardener and caretaker. You and your party will be expected to supply food and drink for yourselves, although the caretaker or cook can assist you in advance with menus and purchases of supplies and food. Castaways Travel can assist you with making arrangements and reservations for a villa.

  Only Copal has a restaurant on site. The menu features local cuisine but also includes several delicious fish dishes plus beef and chicken prepared with wonderful Mayan spices and sauces you'll want to take home with you.

Prices are moderate so expect rates similar to U.S. or European fare for simple meals. The Copal restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Try some of the other little restaurants along the beach road, too, or make your way into Tulum town where you will find 10-15 more choices there.

  Rates range from as little as $25/room/night at Copal to $300+/room/night at Azulik. . Villas can range from $2,000-$3,000/week for 2-3 bedrooms up to $10,000+/week for 7-8 bedrooms. Food, drink and transportation are extra for villa rentals.

Room rates are seasonal and vary by date

Age Ranges
  Copal includes both adults and families while Azulik is adults only. Typical guests range from early 20s to late 40s to early 50s.

You will see a healthy mix of guests from worldwide destinations including north America, South America and Europe, especially.

  Expect lots of quiet…at the beach and in the resort areas at Copal and Azulik. You may see a few other guests clothed or nude at the beach so if you're looking to get away for some peace and quiet, this is the place for you. But, neither are really nudist resorts…consider them resorts located adjacent to beaches used by both clothed as well as nude folks. Nudity may be seen primarily on the beach.

ALERT: This area has historically been used for nude beaching and sunning on an informal basis. Since all beaches are public in Mexico, they are technically owned by the government so use your own discretion about using the beach nude.

Both feature a minimalist, holistic approach to relaxation with yoga and other meditation and services available to enrich the mind, spirit and body.

Neither resort has lots of night life so don't go expecting a Cancun "dance on the table" party. If you're looking for conversation and a pleasant evening alone with your honey or with a few others for conversation, this may suit your needs.

  Use this link from our parent company, Fox Travel/American Express rep. to pre-book your excursions, tours and sight seeing before you arrive at the resort. Typically, tours and sight seeing include pick up at your hotel. See: Pre-book Sight Seeing

Diving, Snorkeling & Fishing
Diving is spectacular along the Mayan reef nearby as well as wall diving close to shore. The great Mayan reef is the second largest reef system besides the Great Barrier Reef off Australia. A nice benefit is that there has not been lots of development in this part of the Yucatan, so pressure on the reef system is light. Fishing is also great for deep sea as well as bill fishing.

Optional dive trips can be arranged at water sports shops nearby in Tulum for an extra charge. If you plan to dive, bring your "C" card. All SCUBA diving is an additional charge. Dive at your own risk.

Here are the names and website links if you wish to contact them before your arrival:

Hidden Worlds A local cenote dive site on Mex # 307 near Soliman Bay
Cenote Diving One of many local scuba diving operations
Aquanauts Dive shop in Puerto Aventuras.
Aqua World Water Sports for diving in Cozumel.
Scuba Caribe Dive shop on the beach at Kantenah Bay located in front of the Palladium Kantenah Resort. Dive sites from 5-15 minutes from shore. Resort is about 15 minutes north of Soliman Bay.

Akumal and Tulum also have dive operators, too. There's even a local private dive operation right on Soliman Bay. One of the neatest things to do is dive the cenotes, freshwater pools located in subterranean limestone formations, many of which are near Soliman Bay. Some cenote dive operations are located out on highway 307. Just make sure the dive operators are licensed and authorized to dive the cenotes.


Here's just a partial list of things to do:

Shopping in Tulum, cruising the bars/discos/clubs in Playa del Carmen or shopping along the way, snorkeling and swimming in the natural lagoons at Xcaret to the north or Xel-ha nearby, visit the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza to the northwest or Tulum, fish or dive on the Mayan Reef, the second longest barrier reef in the world, extending all the way to Belize. Optional escorted tours with driver and guide can be arranged with transportation that will pick you up right at the villa for your guided tours. Deep sea/bill fishing and diving can be arranged, too. Night club trips into Playa del Carmen, folklorico ballet shows, sunset cruises and much more to see can be arranged, too.

Swim with the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin just off the beach or ride horseback in the nearby jungle. For a real treat, swim with the trained, captive dolphins at Puerto Aventuras which has about 6-7 programs you can sign up for from simply swimming among them to capturing it all on a personal video. If you want to see more of the area, go to Playa del Carmen and catch a water taxi to cross the channel to Cozumel. Trip takes only 30-45 minutes and costs $10-15/person, one way (rate subject to change without notice).

Golf at two courses is nearby and a jungle tour in an all terrain vehicle is fun, too.

The chic Mezzanine club and restaurant in Tulum is self described more like Ibiza than Mexico…..it's about music, good drinks and great food at this "hip" spot. Should we be scarred off? Well, there aren't many quality night life places spots around Tulum so it's a good bet. The cliff top complex includes a hotel, too, with four pool side suites. Each suite has a loft with futon couch and jungle views in privacy away from clients visiting the restaurant or bar. Expect to pay $200+ per night, too. Rates not guaranteed and will change without notice. Nearby, massages and other treatments are available at the Maya Spa at EcoTulum Resort.

For a place to just chill out, have a beer, do a little beach combing and hanging out on one of the beach lounges, Ana y Jose's offers a bit of relaxation among the palms. Just south on the beach road, the trail leads you to Sian Kaan biosphere reserve on the Boca Paila peninsula. Sian Kaan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site protecting coral reefs, white sand beaches and lagoons. For details in Tulum, see: www.rivieramaya.com

Thanks to Travel Age West for the above references.

Uppers & Downers
Service and amenities are limited at both Copal & Azulik resorts.
The ocean views are spectacular as are the beaches themselves
Simple peace and tranquility
No electricity at Azulik
No air conditioning but don't expect it in thatched roof cabanas.

Best Time to Go
  Just about anytime is a perfect time to go to Mexico and visit the Yucatan. Storm season is typically August-September. Plan to purchase Travel Protection Insurance to protect your travel investment.

Average Temperature (F)
81.1 75.4 77 78.8 81.3 83.8 84.6 85.3 85.5 84.2 81.7 78.8 76.5
Average High Temperature (F)
86 81 82 84 85 88 89 90 90 89 87 84 82
Average Low Temperature (F)
72.9 67.8 68.7 70.2 72.9 75.2 76.5 76.6 76.3 75.7 74.1 71.6 69.3

Wish List
  Wish Azulik had electricity.

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